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The Coimbatore Blast Day Memorial : Annamalai Interview

The Coimbatore Blast Day Memorial : Annamalai Interview


BJP state president Annamalai has said that a memorial to the bomb blast day will be set up in Coimbatore by the mayor of the party.

A floral tribute was paid to the victims of the 1998 blasts in Coimbatore last evening at the Coimbatore RS Puram. Among them are BJP state president Annamalai, Hindu Front leader Kateswara and Vanasi Srinivasan MLA. Many people including paid floral tributes to the portrait of India.

This was followed by a tribute to the victims of the bombing. Later, BJP gave an interview to Annamalai reporters. Then he said: -In Tamil Nadu, temples are demolished in the morning after giving notice at night. DMK in Coimbatore handing out gift items to voters Collects votes.

In a few days, the DMK will implement the plan to give Kolusu and Ironbox to the voters. The Tamil Nadu government is using all its might to try to cover up the truth about the suicide of schoolgirl Lavanya. Politics is going on with the hijab issue. They misrepresent Hinduism to get the votes of a particular community.

A bomb blast memorial will be set up in Coimbatore when a BJP member becomes the mayor of Coimbatore. The First-Minister is campaigning through video conferencing. The First-Minister did not come to the campaign in person for fear of public questions. Thus he said. Former BJP state president CB Radhakrishnan and Hindu Front executives were present during the interview.

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