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The Coimbatore police recovered Rs.4 Lakhs from the online fraud

The Coimbatore police recovered Rs.4 Lakhs from the online fraud


Ramakrishnaprabhu (age 51) is from Coimbatore County Camp. A person who did not know him on the 18th contacted him on his cell phone and told him that he could get more profit if he invested the money. He has embezzled Rs 2 lakh online from Lord Ramakrishna who believed in it.
Coimbatore district cyber crime police have launched an investigation and recovered Rs 10 lakh from Ramakrishnaprabhu.

Similarly, Radhakrishnan Narayanan (77) from Vadavalli clicked on the link in his e-mail and registered his credit card details. Mysterious persons used it to steal Rs. 1 lakh 25 thousand from his credit card. Coimbatore District Cyber Crime Police conducted an investigation and recovered the entire amount.

Sri Deepa is from Pollachi Mahalingapuram. He had lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police alleging that he had mistakenly sent Rs 1 lakh from his Google Pay number to another number through Google Pay. The police recovered the money from him.

Similarly, Queen Esther from Periyanayakanpalayam Mathampalayam. Police have recovered Rs 30,000 snatched from his phone bay.

A text message came to the cell phone of Ravikumar from Nallampalayam, Tudiyalur. In it, it was stated that the bank would take the loan and pay the amount in advance. He paid an advance of Rs 19,500 for it.

After that there was no information when the cell phone number in the text message was contacted. The Coimbatore District Cyber Crime Police recovered only Rs.1000 on the complaint. They also called the 1930 number for emergency assistance..

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