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The Coimbatore railway station road has been harassing motorists

The Coimbatore railway station road has been harassing motorists

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Pipe-laying work is underway to implement a 24-hour drinking water project in the Coimbatore metropolitan area. In this situation, the work of installing a drinking water pipe on the Coimbatore railway station road took place last month.

For this purpose, a part of the road was dug and pipes were laid there. Thus the road was converted into a one-way street. Vehicles were then allowed in as the works were completed.

But the area dug to lay the pipe on this road looks like a ditch as it was not properly covered. This causes heavy traffic congestion as vehicles passing through it often get stuck and get into accidents.

At this stage the work of repairing the road was started. But that workload is happening at pace. Motorists passing through this area are suffering greatly due to this.

What motorists said about this: –
Reconstruction work was started on this road which was dug to install the pipe. Due to this only two-wheelers and light vehicles are allowed to travel from the Collector’s Office to Lanka Corner.

It is on this road that State Bank, Deeds Office, Central Cooperative Bank, Police Superintendent’s Office, BSNL are located. There are various important offices such as office, fire department office.

Large numbers of people visit the railway station, bank and government offices daily. At present, it is aligned from the Collector’s Office to the vicinity of the fire station.

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Other areas are not aligned. Therefore, the road should be rehabilitated immediately as it is a nuisance to motorists. Thus they said.

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