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The Corona security equipment for polling stations

The Corona security equipment for polling stations


Voting for the urban local elections takes place today (Saturday) amid the Corona impact. Corona security equipment was sent to the polls in turn. Election Officer Thanumurthy and Municipal Officer Dr. Ramkumar inspected the security equipment kept at the Municipal Office.

Health officials said: –
Election officials and police, polling agents, and the general public should all wear masks before entering the polls and follow the social gap. All voters must follow the social gap. All voters should wash their hands with a sanitizer before entering the polling station and cooperate fully with health workers to detect body temperature.

Voters are required to wear a disposable glove on their right hand as they are given to vote. One by one they had to go inside the polling booth. Voters must remove the mask and give full cooperation to check the identity card in front of the first officer at the polling station.

After the ballot is cast, the used glove should be placed in a coated bin to collect medical waste and the hands should be washed with disinfectant. Polling stations should be cleaned with disinfectant. Those with high body temperature, corona marker and corona exposure can vote from 5pm to 6pm, the last one hour allotted.

Arrangements will be made for those who wish to arrive by ambulance or in their own vehicle. This will be monitored by the area health staff. During the last one hour of the above, the election staff should wear the full uniform provided by the Police Election Commission.

Then the used protective armor should be placed in the designated medical waste collection box. Each polling station was provided with a package of 13 items including thermal scanner equipment, sanitizer, masks, disinfectant, corona protective armor. Thus they said..

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