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The Crows eating the body of a dead dwarf at the V.O.C zoo

The Crows eating the body of a dead dwarf at the V.O.C zoo


The park has become a major attraction for the people of Coimbatore. There is not enough space in this condition and the park maintenance and infrastructure work is lagging behind, said W.C. on the 5th of last month. Permission for the zoo was revoked by the Central Wildlife Authority.

Following this, the park administration has been handed over to the control of the Coimbatore Forest Department. In this case The baby, who was born a few days ago at the zoo complex, died suddenly. Apparently, the park management did not dispose of the baby’s body and left it there.

Thus, birds, including crows, ate the deer’s body. The film was released in this connection. This came as a shock to social activists. The zoo does not carry out proper maintenance work. Therefore

According to the park management, the deer calf was lost due to miscarriage. The body of the dwarf was not immediately apparent as it was on the edge near the tree. Mankutty’s body was then removed.

According to the Commissioner of the Corporation Rajagopal Sunkara, Coimbatore V.U.C. Zoo staff have been instructed to explain why the zoo died at the zoo and how its body was not disposed of. He said the park director has been instructed to investigate and file a report.

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