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The dilapidated kitchen at the school in Kinathukadavu

The dilapidated kitchen at the school in Kinathukadavu


DELC Primary School is functioning in Kinathukadavu Panchayat Union, Chettiyakkapalayam Panchayat Emmegountenpalayam. More than 15 students are studying here. There are 2 people working as the head teacher and assistant teacher of the school. There are also 2 people as nutrition organizer and cook.

Lunch is provided at the school for the children studying here. In this situation, a kitchen was built at the school at a cost of Rs. 56,000 through the Employment Guarantee Scheme for the year 2002-2003. For more than 20 years, the roofs and walls of buildings have collapsed and collapsed.

The roof collapsed due to heavy rains over the past few months. Thus suffering from not being able to cook in the kitchen. With the help of some people, they are hiding in a small area near the school kitchen and cooking in it.

Thus water is wasted during the rainy season and rice, pulses and other products are soaked and wasted. Also during the school holidays the dogs go inside and eat stuff. The public and students have demanded that the dangerous old kitchen be removed and a new kitchen set up to avoid this.

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