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The DMK members protest in Coimbatore areas

The DMK members protest in Coimbatore areas

TN Election, DMK Members

DMK members staged protests in various parts of Coimbatore against the ward allotment and candidate announcement. A further 40 people were arrested for obstructing the road.

Coimbatore is starting to build urban local elections. Since it was the last day for filing nominations all the parties had concluded the coalition talks and announced their candidates.

But various parties have been engaged in struggles claiming that the ward allotted to the coalition party does not give place to those who have served in the party for a long time.

Thus the DMK members staged a protest in front of the party office in Peelamedu against the allocation of the 26th Ward of the Coimbatore Corporation to the Coalition Party.

DMK members protested at the Peelamedu border estate, claiming that the 38th ward had been handed over to an alternative candidate. The agitation erupted as DMK members staged a road blockade in Selvapuram demanding a change of candidate.

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