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The downward trend in covid 19 cases is a great relief.

The downward trend in covid 19 cases is a great relief.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. In India, after the second wave, the cases were gradually on decreasing trend.

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India’s daily covid-19 cases stay below 20,000 for a week.
Daily of covid -19 in India has remained below 20,000 for a week now with the country recording around 17,000 fresh infections on Thursday.

Fresh cases of the virus from across India totaled 16,981 on Thursday as per TOI’s covid database. On Wednesday the count was 19,238. The daily count hasn’t crossed 20,000 since October 7. 21,480 cases were recorded.

The fall in cases was mainly Kerala numbers decline to 9,246 from 11,079 on Wednesday at 2,384. Maharashtra recorded nearly the same number of fresh cases as on the previous day(2,219).

Haryana become the 13th state in the country to register more than 10.000 deaths. While the state reported no new fatality, 174 previous deaths were added to the overall toll.

The government policies on vaccination played a major role in preventing the third wave. However, people should continue to wear masks and social distancing.

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Reference: The Times of India

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