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The election Security planning in Valparai

The election Security planning in Valparai

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Local elections will be held on the 19th. Election preparations for 21 wards in Valparai municipality began yesterday. The Returning Officer and 2 Assistant Returning Officers and Returning Officers have been appointed and the Election Office has been in a state of readiness since yesterday.

Out of the total 21 wards in Valparai Municipality, wards 6,7,8,13,16,18,20 are wards for Adithravidar women. Wards 3,11,12,15,17,19 are Adithravidar General Wards. Wards 2,5,14,21 are common women’s wards. Wards 1,4,9,10 have also been declared as non-public wards. Candidates for general wards will have to pay a fee of Rs.2000 and those contesting in Adithravidar wards will have to pay a fee of Rs.1000.

At this stage work began, including training on election work for election staff who could be involved in the election process. Valparai Deputy Superintendent of Police Srinivasan and Municipal Commissioner and Returning Officer Suresh Kumar also discussed security arrangements for the municipal office, surveillance cameras and facilities for those who may come to file nominations.

The filing of nominations for the local elections in Valparai started yesterday. But it is noteworthy that no one came forward to file the nomination on the first day..

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