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The election symbols are released for Independent Candidates

The election symbols are released for Independent Candidates

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Urban local body elections in Tamil Nadu are scheduled to be held on the 19th. Friday is the last day to file nominations.

In this context, samples of independent symbols for the ward councillor elections in corporations, municipalities and municipalities have been issued by the State Election Commission. It features 30 icons. Samples of these symbols are posted at the Coimbatore Corporation Southern Regional Office for the candidates to know.

Includes guitar (musical instrument), badge (marker), spanner (hidden screw), diamond, globe, face mirror, chair, bottle, putty (water hose), road roller, badminton bat, screw nail, coat (coat), Featuring 30 icons including file stacking cupboard, fork spoon (spark spoon), oak bat and ball, table lamp, handbag, matchstick, tie, cupboard, crumpled coconut tree, oregano lamp, spoon, water tap, walking stick.

Election officials said the symbols would be assigned to independent candidates when the final list of candidates is released.

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