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The family converted the bus into a moving house

The family converted the bus into a moving house

Moving bus house

A family of homeless people buying an old school bus and walking around on the bus has caused a stir among the people. This corona epidemic is totally changing the course of daily life. Due to this antibiotic infection, many people have changed their lifestyles. The reality is that some are forced into a situation where they have to change.

Elizabeth from the United States and her partner Spike and their children have changed their lives for the better. Spike and Elizabeth came up with an idea as Corona has transformed the world into a work-from-home, online lesson. That is, they decided to build a mobile home.

They bought an old school bus for that. They converted its layout into a bathroom, three-bedroom, and small kitchen. Above, they also fitted solar panels for electricity use. Now the mobile house is ready. They have spent 2 months building this beautiful mobile home.

As Elizabeth put it, ‘My husband had a desire to change the bus from an early age. So we bought the old bus for the US $ 3,500. First, we changed the interior design of the bus, the exterior, and our favorite color for about $ 15,000 and everything. The bus has a bathroom, three mattresses, and a small kitchen. Solar panels are also fitted for electrical use. We have now traveled to 16 states by this bus. This adventure brings a new experience, ‘he said too cool.

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