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The farmers are being asked to announce the auction

The farmers are being asked to announce the auction


The first copra purchase of coconuts started on the 11th at the Ginger Regulatory Sales Hall near Sultanpet, Coimbatore district.

The grinding cauldron is being bought for Rs. 105.90 per kg and the ball cauldron for Rs. 110 per kg. Farmers who want to sell more copra come with a cita, atangal, aadhar card, a copy of the bank account book and make a reservation at the regular sales hall.

But the order did not announce on what day of the week the cauldron purchase would take place on behalf of the sales hall. It is said that even though the authorities were asked about this, they did not respond properly.

As a result, farmers who want to sell the cauldron are forced to suffer. And when they bring the cauldron up for sale, there is a level of disappointment going back as officials say there were no purchases that day. This is costly and time consuming for the farmers.

Regarding this the farmers said: -The Gingerbread Order system should publish a notice on the day of the week when the cauldron will be purchased. And a notice to that effect shall be posted on the notice board.

Only then can farmers bring the cauldron on the day. Other days will come and not be disappointed. So the authorities should take action immediately. Thus they said.

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