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The Farmers urge to prevent mixing of sewage in the drain

The Farmers urge to prevent mixing of sewage in the drain


Pollachi Sub-Collector’s Office held a public grievance meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sub-Collector Thackeray Subham Gnana Devrao and received petitions from the public.

Then the farmers of Azhiyar New Strategic Irrigation Union brought a bottle of water mixed with sewage and submitted a petition. The petition states: -There is a private factory at Thimmankuthu near Pollachi. It was revealed that the company was set up to make soft drinks.

In December 2015, we filed a petition alleging that the soft drink company would absorb groundwater and contaminate the groundwater table. In this case, the last 25-day company near the BAP. Farmers were informed that there was a stench in the canal. When they went there they saw the tar-like waste in the drain stagnant with the stench.

The waste is mixed in the drain by pipe from a nearby company. They have obtained a permit saying that they will not absorb groundwater when purchasing a permit for the company and are currently producing soft drinks that absorb groundwater contrary to the permit.

Apart from this, a deep well is dug and the waste from the company is dumped underground. Due to this the water in the surrounding areas has become saline. Therefore B.A.P. It should prevent the mixing of sewage in the drain and ban the factory which is operating in violation of the permit. Thus it was said.

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