16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

The groundwater level in Coimbatore has risen by 4.5 feet due to flooding

By Team YourCoimbatore on 30th November 2021
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The Coimbatore district receives annual southwest monsoon from June to September, northeast monsoon from October to December, winter rains in January and February, and summer rains in March, April, and May.

Accordingly, this year’s southwest monsoon started in June and continued till October 24. This exceeded the usual average of 210 millimeters and dropped to 236 millimeters. Similarly, the northeast monsoon has started and is spreading widely.

Due to the continuous rains, the Noyyal River in Coimbatore flows on both sides. Thus the 24 ponds that receive water from this river were filled. The remaining ponds contain more than 80 percent water. Numerous puddles like that are overflowing. In many places, water bodies set up on agricultural lands were also filled.

Due to this, the farmers are happy as the groundwater level is also rising. The groundwater level is measured annually in open wells and deep wells in various parts of Coimbatore district including Kurichi, Ottakalmandapam, Thirumalai Yambalayam, Ettimadai, Madukkarai, Chettipalayam, Vellalore. Accordingly, the groundwater level in October last year was 11 feet.

But due to continuous rains this year, the groundwater level rose to 9.66 meters in October.  As a result, the groundwater level has risen by 1.34 meters (4.5 feet) this year and the groundwater level is rising this year at a level not seen in the last 10 years.

Groundwater levels are likely to rise further as the northeast monsoon continues until the end of next month.

Logeshwaran J

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