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The Gundam Festival at Masaniyamman Temple

The Gundam Festival at Masaniyamman Temple

Gundam Festival

Traffic has been diverted due to the Gundam festival at the Anaimalai Masaniyamman temple.

The Gundam Festival at Anaimalai Masaniyamman Temple started with the flag hoisting on the 1st. Mayana Puja, the main event of the festival, was held at midnight on the 14th. Shakti Kumbastapanam and Mahapooja were held.

The kundam building ceremony was held at 9.30 am and the Chitradhar rope pulling ceremony was held at 6 pm. This was followed by a kundam flower growing show at 10 pm. The main event of the festival is the Devotees’ Gundam Landing on Thursday at 9.30 am.

A large number of fasting devotees descend on Kundam. The flag is lowered at 9 am on Friday, the yellow bath at 10.30 am and the Maha Muni Puja at 8 pm. Saturday) At 11.30 am the ceremony concludes with the Great Anointing and Ornamental Puja.
Arrangements for this are being made by the temple assistant commissioner Karunanidhi and officials.

Thousands of devotees are expected to attend the Gundam festival at this stage. In turn the traffic in Anaimalai has been diverted. Accordingly, buses and vehicles going from Pollachi to Vettaikaranputhur via Anaimalai should reach Vettaikaranputhur via Anaimalai Police Station Road, Kuppichiputhur, Odayakulam via Periyapodu Road.

Vehicles coming from Vettaikaranputhur to Pollachi should go through the road behind the Masaniyamman Temple Marriage Hall. Also private vehicles coming from outside the VRD. Girls must park their vehicles on the school grounds. Two wheelers should be parked at the Anaimalai Central Bus Stand premises.

Adequate parking is available on Pollachi Road, NMC Road and Vettaikaranputhur Road for the use of vehicles by the devotees. Devotees coming to the temple and the local public should take advantage of this traffic change and cooperate.

In addition, on the orders of Coimbatore District Superintendent of Police Selvanagaratnam, 500 policemen and Kayts are deployed under the supervision of Deputy Superintendent Srinivasan for the Gundam festival. Cameras are fitted and monitored to prevent further crime.

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According to the police, a temporary check post will be set up to monitor the arrival of pilgrims from the outlying districts. Special buses are operated by the State Transport Corporation for the convenience of the devotees coming to the Gundam Festival.

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