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The Gundam Festival starts with the flag hoisting

The Gundam Festival starts with the flag hoisting

The Gundam Festival starts with the flag hoisting

There is a famous Masaniyamman temple in Anaimalai near Pollachi in Coimbatore district. In this temple, the goddess is blessing the devotees in a sleeping position. The Gundam Festival is a popular festival held at the Masaniyamman Temple on the occasion of the annual Thai New Moon. The festival will be celebrated merrily for 18 days.
Accordingly, this year’s festival started with the flag hoisting on the Thai New Moon yesterday.

The first anointing ceremony was held at 5.30 am yesterday in connection with the flag hoisting ceremony. Following this, a group of fasting devotees led by Chief Minister Manokaran went to Upparangarai with a bamboo flagpole. The flagpole was cleaned and decorated with mangoes, flower garlands and flowers and special pujas were conducted there.

Then a yellow flag emblazoned with a lion vehicle was erected on a 70-foot-long bamboo flagpole to the sound of Mangala instruments. Following this, they came to the temple carrying the flag tree on their shoulders through the main streets. The flag tree was brought to the Masaniyamman temple at 8.30 am. Following this, special pujas were performed at 8.45 am and the flag was hoisted.

Thousands of devotees chanted ‘Masani Thaye, Masani Thaye’. Later special pujas were performed for Masaniyamman Moolavar and milk anointing pujas for the flag pole. It was followed by a special decorative anointing puja for the Goddess. Special decorative pujas are to be held for the Goddess in the morning and evening till the 19th which falls on the occasion of the Kundam festival.

Mayana Puja will be held at 1 pm on the 14th at the cemetery at Anaimalai Azhiyarangarai. Shakti Kumbastapanam will be held on the 15th at 7.30 am, Maha Puja at 6.30 pm and Kundam construction will be held on the 16th at 10 am at the Anaimalai Gundam ground.
It is followed by the Chithirather Vadampittal and the Amman Traveedi Ula at 6 pm.

Gundam flower is grown at 10 pm. The next day at 9.30 am on the 17th the devotees disembark at Gundam. On the 18th there will be a yellow bath at 10.30 am and a Mahamuni Puja at 8 pm. The ceremony concludes at 11.30 am on the 19th with the anointing and the ornamental puja.

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