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The Hunting training for a tiger cub caught near Valparai

The Hunting training for a tiger cub caught near Valparai

Tiger, Valparai

A 1-year-old tiger cub was found lying on the ground in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve’s hair estate near Valparai on September 28. It was caught by the foresters. The cub is being treated and maintained in the Manampalli area.

In the meantime, it was planned to send the cub to the Vandalur Zoo in Chennai. Then that decision was dropped. In this situation, according to Ramasubramaniam, the director of the Elephant Hill Tiger Reserve and the Coimbatore Regional Forest Conservator, the tiger cub is currently being trained to hunt in the Manampalli forest.

Forest officials said: For the first time in Tamil Nadu, hunting training is to be given to the captured tiger cub in the forest at Valparai. Rs 75 lakh is being spent for this. The site is selected in a dense forest area of one hectare and a barbed wire fence is to be set up at a height of 15 feet.

Also there is a rotating surveillance camera fitting to be monitored. Also, forest rangers dressed as tigers patrol the area. This is because the nature of the tiger cub changes when it sees a human. Every day will be left to hunt as each animal.

Once the tiger cub is ready to hunt a total of 50 animals, it will be released into the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve. Preliminary work for this is nearing completion. From next month, the cub will be trained to hunt in its territory.

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