16th January 2022
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The ICC introduced 2 new rules for the T20!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 8th January 2022
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In international 20-over matches, each team is given 90 minutes to bowl. In addition to this time, the bowling team was fined for match fees. It also comes into effect that the leader of the team that continues to do so is banned from playing in the next few matches. In this case, the ICC has now announced 2 new rules.

Accordingly, the team that does not finish bowling within the specified time is required to bring one of the fielders allowed outside the Inner Circle into the Inner Circle for bowling after 90 minutes. The ICC has announced that the rule will take effect immediately from the 20-over series between the West Indies and Ireland starting on January 16.

The new rule, introduced by the ICC, was introduced in a 100-ball cricket series already held in England. The ICC has announced that it will follow suit as it has given good results. Similarly, in the upcoming 20 overs, the ICC has allowed each team to take one break in an innings. Both teams can take a break of 2.30 minutes each.

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