19th October 2021
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  • The Inflated commodity price affects the festive moods.

The Inflated commodity price affects the festive moods.

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The price of food items, including vegetables, has started to skyrocket even as the Coronavirus crisis shows no sign of abating.

The most significant rise has been registered in the price of tomatoes. Tomato costs Rs.70/kg from Rs.4/ kg a month back due to early monsoon and supply shortage.

Wholesale prices of onion, tomato, and potato had doubled in the major mandis across the country owing to an increase in the wholesale demand for vegetables.

Vegetable traders say prices have risen due to crop failure during the rainy season. Another reason for the rising prices of vegetables due to increased diesel prices.

The mismanagement in the supply chain is another reason for the huge gap in prices. The increased costs are a result of renewed demand in some countries and a backlog of low production.

Basically, commodity prices are rising because countries are on the economic recovery path resulting in increasing demand. The Government needs to find a sustainable solution for price stabilization rather than taking temporary measures for the sake of the people.

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