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The Internet Disorder issues raised in the ration Stores

The Internet Disorder issues raised in the ration Stores


Essential items are being distributed to cardholders at ration shops in villages including Kinathukkadavu, Negamam, Vadachithur, Manrampalayam, Mettuvavi, Panappatti and Chettiyakkapalayam.

To get this, ration card holders have to register their fingerprints. But due to the internet glitch that has occurred in the last few days the goods could not be distributed quickly.

Thus there is the risk of waiting too long and suffering. Commenting on this, the public said: – Due to frequent internet glitches in ration shops, people have to wait a long time to buy goods. Not being able to go to work anymore.

This results in loss of money and wastage of time. So the authorities need to take immediate action to fix the internet glitch. Thus they said.

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