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The Karamadai Aranganathar temple chariot festival took place yesterday

The Karamadai Aranganathar temple chariot festival took place yesterday

Karamadai Aranganathar

The Karamadai Aranganathar Temple Festival started with the flag hoisting on the 11th. Following this, daily Aranganatha Perumal Sridevi, along with Bhudevi, got up in Anna vehicle, Simma vehicle and Anumantha vehicles and walked around Tiruvedi to bless the devotees.

This was followed by Karudasevai. On the 15th the Pettathamman call took place from Sri Bettathamman hill. The early morning Tirukkalyana festival was held on the 16th and the elephant vehicle festival was held at 8 pm

The culmination of the festival was the election. In turn, Sridevi and Bhudevi got up at 5.30 am in the Sameda Aranganatha Perumal. Devotees waited in long queues from early morning to see Aranganatha Peruman in the chariot and Sami bowed.

The chariot rope catching show began at 4 p.m. Locals were brought to the temple on behalf of the temple administration. Following this at 4.25 pm Senthil Velavan, Joint Commissioner, Department of Hindu Religious Affairs, Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Commissioner, Ravichandran, Commissioner,

Mettupalayam Sub-Police Superintendent Balamurugan and Mettupalayam Dashildar Ramesh grabbed the rope and started the flow. This was followed by a departure from the polling booth.

Before and after the chariot, a large number of devotees chanted the slogans Ranga, Govinda, and the chanting of the servants shook the sky. The chariot swerved through the four chariot roads and reached the chariot station at night.

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