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The Koniyamman temple festival will be held on the March 2, 2022.

The Koniyamman temple festival will be held on the March 2, 2022.


The Koniyamman Temple, also known as the Guardian Goddess of Coimbatore, is located in the town hall area. Devotees not only from Coimbatore but also from other districts visit this temple to pay homage to the Goddess. The Koniyamman Temple Election Festival is held every year in the month of February.

Accordingly, this year’s election started with flower-laying on the 15th. Then the flag hoisting took place on the 22nd. Following this, Goddess Bhavani came in every vehicle like tiger vehicle, parrot vehicle, lion vehicle and food vehicle and blessed the devotees.

Lantern worship was held on the 25th. The women attended and worshiped the Goddess by lighting lamps. Agni Kambam has been planted at the Koniyamman Temple ahead of the festival. Thousands of devotees thronged the temple yesterday and the day before yesterday as it was a holiday to visit Koniyamman.

This was followed by separate rows for Sami darshan and pouring water on the Agni pole. Numerous female devotees brought water from their homes and poured water on the pillar of fire to worship. This is followed by the main event of the festival, the Amman Thirukkalyanam, which takes place on Tuesday. A large number of devotees attend this.

Following this, the famous Koniyamman temple will be raided on Wednesday. Prominent personalities and devotees attend and pull the toad rope.

The chariot starts at Kneeling on Raja Road and reaches Kneeling again via Oppanakkara Road, Karuppagaundar Road and Vaisiyal Road. For this, work is underway to decorate the Koniyamman toad on the chariot knee on Coimbatore Rajavedi.

The temple festival concludes with a horse-drawn carriage parade on the 3rd, a boat festival on the 4th, a flag-lowering on the 5th, and a spring festival on the 7th.

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