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The leopard lurking in the godown is healthy- Forest Department information…!!!

The leopard lurking in the godown is healthy- Forest Department information…!!!

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The leopard, which was roaming around the Kuniyamuthur area of Coimbatore, entered a private godown in the BK Puthur area on 17.01.2022 The details Informed foresters rushed in and covered the godown with a net. They put cages at both entrances to the godown and tied the meat and dogs inside to catch the leopard.

They also fitted 6 cameras inside the godown and monitored the leopard. It is customary for the leopard inside the cage to wander from room to room, returning near the cages and returning wisely. Even at midnight yesterday 3 times like this the leopard came near the cage. The cage looked around and left and went back.

Today marks the 5th day that the forest department is engaged in the task of catching the leopard. Foresters have been waiting for 5 days day and night, but the leopard is still on the move. The forest department is in consultation with top officials today on what action can be taken as the next step to capture the leopard.

According to the forest department, 5 days have passed since the leopard went into the godown. But the trend is not to get caught in the cage we put. The leopard has not eaten or drank water for 5 days. Despite not eating for 5 days, the leopard is still as healthy and aggressive as it was the first day. It never reached any fatigue.

Consultations are going on today with the top officials as 5 days have passed and something else can be done to catch the leopard. It said the next steps to capture the leopard would be discussed in detail.

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