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The longest lunar eclipse of this century after 600 years

The longest lunar eclipse of this century after 600 years

longest lunar eclipse

An eclipse is an event in which the Sun, Earth, and Moon all come in a straight line. This event always occurs on a full moon day called a full moon. A total lunar eclipse is when the earth completely obscures the sunlight that falls on the moon during an eclipse, and a partial lunar eclipse is if it covers a certain area.

The longest lunar eclipse of this century is on November 19. This is the longest eclipse of its kind in about 600 years. The partial eclipse lasts 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 24 seconds. The total eclipse lasts 6 hours and 1 minute. This will be the longest eclipse in 580 years.

The Indiana Laboratory at the Balthar University in the United States says, ‘The longest part of this century eclipse will occur on November 19th. This will be the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years! ‘ Get the chance to see the moon changing color very subtly. It may also be red. Also, this is the last lunar eclipse of the year. The lunar eclipse will begin at 2.19 pm EST (12.49 pm Indian time) on November 19, according to NASA.

The US space agency said the eclipse would occur in four main phases, with the EST part-time eclipse at 1.02am. This condition is usually said to be difficult to diagnose without special equipment. The lunar eclipse will start at 11:32:09 am Indian time on November 19, 2021, and will last till 5.33 pm. I.e. lasts 6 hours to 2 minutes.

The maximum eclipse will occur at 4.03 am EST, when 97% of the Moon will be covered by the dark part of the Earth’s shadow, which will turn dark red, the lab said. NASA says part-time eclipses are visible in North and South America, East Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

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