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The mysterious ‘suicide forest’ of the world that has bought many people

The mysterious ‘suicide forest’ of the world that has bought many people

Aokigahara Suicide Forest

The world is full of innumerable secrets and mysteries. Most mysteries are incomprehensible not only to humans but also to scientists. One such mysterious forest is located in Japan. The name of this forest is ‘Aokigahara Suicide Forest’. It is said that everyone who comes here commits suicide. Thus this forest is called ‘Suicide Forest’.

The lush and beautiful forest is known all over the world for its horror stories. It is the second most famous suicide site in the world and the Golden Gate is the first. The distance of this mysterious forest from Tokyo is less than two hours. It is noteworthy that hundreds of people have come here and committed suicide. The Mystery Story of this forest is terrifying.

The people of Japan believe that there are demons in this forest. The same demons incite people to commit suicide. You can read the following warning at the entrance to this forest. “Think carefully about your children and family. Your life is a precious gift given by your parents”.

This forest is located northwest of Mount Fuji. It covers an area of 35 square kilometers. This forest is very dense. This is called the ‘sea of trees. Once lost in this dense forest, it is almost impossible to get out of here. Many are said to have committed suicide. The bodies of more than 105 people have been found in the forest since 2003, according to official figures. Most of these corpses were badly mutilated. Some have been eaten by wild animals.

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