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The non-care Amravati’s bridge for many years

The non-care Amravati’s bridge for many years

Amravati's bridge

The Madatugulam Amravati’s bridge has been maintained for several years. More plants have grown. This is the risk of accident.

Coimbatore – Nagapattinam is located on the National Highway of Madatukulam Amravati River Tirupur and Dindigul, the main bridge connects two districts. Many districts and nearby states are crossing this bridge in vehicles. The use of this bridge is over 20 vehicles per minute. The width of the lower bridge was in use until 1980. This was often the traffic jam. This solution is built in the twin wide and opened in 1984 and is currently in use.

Because of the many years in this condition, the groines have grown in many places of the bridge’s barricades. There is a risk of cracking in the bridge. Pavement and road on the bridge, the flags have sprouted. The civilian claimed: The cracks in the walls of Amravati river has been larger. The Rotten on the bridge has been replicated in many place. There is a risk of accident. This should be renewed by the bridge. ”
Thus they said.

Logeshwaran J

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