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The Opening of Paddy Procurement Center in Anaimalai

The Opening of Paddy Procurement Center in Anaimalai


Old and new strategic areas are irrigated by the Azhiar Dam near Pollachi. Paddy is cultivated under the old strategic irrigation. 3700 acres of land for 2nd phase Co-51, Aaduthurai 39, A.S.T. 16 were cultivated for paddy. Currently the fields are ready for paddy harvest.

Meanwhile, farmers demanded the opening of a paddy procurement center in Anaimalai. Accepting this, the government ordered to start a paddy procurement center.

Following this, the Regular Sale in Anaimalai also opened a Paddy Procurement Center at the premises yesterday. Following this special pujas were performed there. It was attended by officials and farmers.

But the purchase did not start because the harvest had not started. According to officials, even the regulated sale is to buy paddy from farmers for Rs. 2060 per quintal and general variety for 2015 per quintal.

Paddy was not procured when the center was opened. Farmers are expected to bring the paddy to the procurement center. According to farmers, the current high cost of fertilizer from planting to harvesting, due to the shortage of labor, is causing additional costs to farmers.

At that time the price fixed at the Paddy Procurement Center was not sufficient. Therefore, action should be taken to fix an additional price of Rs. 3500 per quintal for the thin variety and Rs. 3400 per quintal for the common variety.

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