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The Passengers arriving at Coimbatore Airport suffer due to high parking charges

The Passengers arriving at Coimbatore Airport suffer due to high parking charges


Coimbatore has an international airport. From here, an average of 36 flights was operated daily. The number of daily flights has dropped to 14 since the Corona expansion. It operates flights from Coimbatore to overseas destinations including Singapore and Sharjah, as well as to cities including Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

There is a huge ‘parking’ facility near the airport entrance that can accommodate up to 100 cars for the convenience of passengers and friends and relatives who come to guide them. There is a fixed fee detail for parking vehicles. Drop passengers into vehicles accordingly,

There is no charge if the load is within 3 minutes. There is a charge of Rs.20 for unloading or boarding a passenger within half an hour and Rs.60 for over half an hour. However, a fee of Rs. 60 is charged for parking of passenger vehicles.

Most of the parking lots are staffed by northern workers. So passengers who do not know Hindi are forced to pay the requested amount and leave as they are unable to talk to them and get an explanation. Coimbatore International Airport Director Senthil Valavan said this

There have been some complaints about improper charging in the ‘parking’ area of the airport premises. So I have ordered the airport authorities to increase surveillance there. Also place a complaint box there,

Steps have also been taken to provide cell phone numbers to lodge complaints regarding improper charging of extra ‘parking’ fees. I have also instructed the ‘parking’ contractor to act in such a way that no complaints are received. Appropriate action will be taken if a complaint is lodged with the airport authorities. Thus he said.

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