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The Penalties have been imposed on non-taxable vehicles

The Penalties have been imposed on non-taxable vehicles


Road tax is levied on vehicles once in 3 months. In this case, the curfew was imposed last year due to corona damage. Thus vehicular traffic was disrupted. Due to this, the last date for payment of taxes including road tax was announced as September 30 last year.

Complaints were received that the vehicles were being operated without paying tax even after the expiry of the period. Following this, motor vehicle inspectors Jayanthi and Gopalakrishnan led by Regional Transport Officer Muruganantham are conducting vehicle inspections on major roads. Vehicles driven without paying taxes are then fined. Regional transport officials said: –

Vehicles due to corona infection were given until September 30 last year to pay road tax. But even after that some people are not paying taxes.

In this situation, special vehicle inspections are being carried out on major roads including Palakkad Road, Coimbatore Road and Udumalai Road. Non-taxable vehicles are confiscated during the inspection.

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