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The Periyanayakanpalayam mayor position captured by the DMK

The Periyanayakanpalayam mayor position captured by the DMK


There are a total of 18 wards in the Periyanayakanpalayam municipality of Coimbatore district. In which DMK. In the coalition, the DMK won 12 seats, the Marxist Communist Party won 2 seats and the DMK won 4 seats.

The DMK has handed over the mayoral post to the coalition party, the Marxist Communist Party. The leadership set aside. Accordingly, 8-ward member Sivarajan was declared the candidate for the post of chairman of the Marxist Communist Party.

In this context, the by-elections for the post of Chairman of the Electoral Officers were held at the Municipal Office yesterday morning. When the election started at 9.30 am, the DMK was in the meeting hall. Councilor There was 12 councilors. Councilor Sivarajan, who was then declared the candidate of the Marxist Communist Party, was not there.

In this situation, the DMK Councilors present said that Vishwaprakash, a member of the 6th ward on behalf of the party, would contest for the post. Accordingly, Vishwaprakash filed his nomination with Election Officer Jesima Banu.

The Returning Officer then asked 3 times if anyone else was filing nominations. No one answered. After that at 9.45 am the election official announced that Vishwaprakash would be unanimously elected as the mayor.

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