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The Pollachi Mariamman Temple Festival begins on Feb 15

The Pollachi Mariamman Temple Festival begins on Feb 15

Pollachi Mariamman Temple Festival

There is a famous Mariamman Temple on Pollachi Shop Road. The temple celebrates the Friday festival in the month of February every year. Last year’s election did not take place due to corona damage. Despite the corona damage currently in this condition, the temples have been opened with relaxation in curfew and devotees are allowed to darshan.

Following this, the Pollachi Mariamman Temple Festival begins on the 15th with a fast. Following this, a pole will be planted in front of the temple on the 22nd at 10 pm. Until the end of the festival, women pour holy water on the pole and worship it.

The temple flower is placed on the pole on the 1st of next month. This is followed by a procession of devotees carrying flowers from different parts of the country who have been fasting since the 4th. The flag hoisting ceremony will be held at the temple on the 5th at 10 am.

The anointing takes place on the night of the 8th. On the 9th there will be a mango picking ceremony at 6 am and a Tirukkalyana ceremony for the Goddess at 10 am. The main event of the festival, the Election Festival, takes place at 7 p.m.

This will be followed by a 3-day silver lining show. These days the goddess blesses the devotees in different attire. On the 10th, on the 2nd day of the chariot, on the 11th, on the 3rd day, the chariot comes to a halt on the street, followed by the Parivettai, the boat festival.

On the 12th at 8.30 am the goddess yellow bathing and at 9 pm pole taking will take place. The ceremony concludes with the anointing on the 14th at 8 pm. Arrangements for the ceremonies are being made by the temple administrators.

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