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The Power Loom Owners Association Continuing fasting until the issue of wage increase is resolved

The Power Loom Owners Association Continuing fasting until the issue of wage increase is resolved

Power Loom Owners

A resolution was passed at the General Committee meeting of the Power Loom Owners Association that there should be a continuous fast until the issue of wage hike is resolved.

Weaving loom owners in Coimbatore and Tiruppur districts have not received any wage hike for the last 8 years. So for the first 37 days since the 9th of last month the looms have been engaged in an indefinite strike.

In this context, the general body meeting of the Weaving Loom Owners’ Associations for hire in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts was held yesterday at the private wedding hall at Kombakkadu Puthur next to Somanur.

Somanur Sangam President C. Palanichamy presided over this. Secretary P. Kumaraswamy, Deputy Chairman P. Gopalakrishnan, Deputy Secretary Eeswaran and Treasurer Bhupathi were present.

Career status, wage increases, and the struggle were discussed at the meeting. Let the resolutions passed at the meeting come. Textile manufacturers continue to refuse to pay the government-announced wage increase.

Abandon it and sign the contract and implement the wage increase. We need to implement this and protect power looms and power loom workers. All power locomotive owners will continue to fast with their families until the end of the wage struggle.

The Tamil Nadu First Minister should immediately intervene in this matter and protect the weavers and workers who have been losing their livelihood for 8 years without any increase in wages.

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Various resolutions were also passed, including that the keynote speakers should regularly join their families in the struggle for higher wages and to protect the livelihoods announced by the leadership association.

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