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The public is wondering if their expectations will be met in the Valparai municipal elections

The public is wondering if their expectations will be met in the Valparai municipal elections

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The hilly Valparai covers an area of 217 sq. Km. Area. Valparai was upgraded to a municipality in 2010. There are a total of 21 wards here. There are 58 thousand 708 voters. The population is 70 thousand 859.

There is a lot of tea estate here. More than 15,000 workers are employed on these estates. Valparai is a beautiful place located on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border.

Commenting on this, the public said: -Most of the people in Valparai are working in the tea garden. Therefore, appropriate steps should be taken to start alternative careers for the youth. The road leading to most of the estates in the Valparai area is in a dilapidated condition. This road needs to be rehabilitated.

We need to build quality ration shops in all the estates here. It would be useful for tea plantation workers to renovate their apartments and provide toilet facilities.

In order to prevent traffic congestion in the Valparai town area, parking facilities should be provided and the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus stand which is in a state of disrepair should be brought into use.

In Valparai, toilets with modern facilities should be set up and sidewalks, safety retaining walls, sidewalk stairs should be repaired in residential areas and a permanent solution should be found to prevent river water from entering houses during the rainy season in the banana orchard, Kakkankalani and Kamaraj Nagar areas.

Tourists will be more attracted if various projects are implemented to beautify the Valparai town area and attract tourists. This will increase the revenue to the municipality.

Boat House: The boat house, which was started on behalf of the municipality and is lying dormant, should be opened for use after completion of the botanical garden works. Due to the Valparai Hills, a solar power fence or moat should be set up around all the residences to prevent wildlife from invading the residential area.

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The existing Panchayat Union schools should be converted into municipal schools and the necessary building facilities should be provided. The government college here should focus on students from the Valparai area.

Valparai will become a beautiful place if the Valparai Municipal Development Federation, which has members from all walks of life, is formed and basic amenities are provided. It must come forward to fulfill the newly elected representatives.

Logeshwaran J

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