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The public protest by erecting black flags on houses due to lack of sewerage

The public protest by erecting black flags on houses due to lack of sewerage

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In Karamadai municipality, the public staged a protest by hoisting black flags on houses due to the lack of sewerage in the 10th ward. They have also decided to boycott the urban local elections.

Sri Ramakrishna Nagar is located in the 10th Ward of Karamadai Municipality in Coimbatore District. There are more than 70 apartments in the area. The apartments do not have sewage drainage facilities. This allows sewage to seep into roads and residential areas. Thus the people of the area are in great distress.

No action has been taken to inform the concerned Karamadai management about this several times. As a result, they have decided to boycott the by-elections in Karamadai. They also hoisted black flags in their homes in protest.

On learning about this, Karamadai Municipal Commissioner Balraj, Regional Election Observer Rathana, Karamadai Police Inspector Kumar and Karamadai Health Inspector Mariappan went there and held talks with the public. Karamadai Municipal Commissioner Balraj said that Karamadai municipality has been upgraded and declared a municipality only 2 months ago.

The pacified public removed the black flags from their homes after being told that action would be taken to provide all the basic amenities needed by the public in the area after the urban local elections.

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