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The purchase price of broiler was increased

The purchase price of broiler was increased

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There are 25 thousand broiler farms in various parts of Tamil Nadu including Palladam, Udumalai, Sultanpet, Namakkal and Erode. These farms produce an average of 15 lakh broilers weighing 2 kg per head per day. They are exported to various districts of Tamil Nadu and to outstations like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Pondicherry.

The farm purchase price for this broiler is determined daily by the Coordinating Committee (PCC) in Palladam. The purchase price of broiler (live) farm, which was Rs 100 per kg on the 14th, was gradually increased to Rs 112 per kg yesterday.

It currently costs producers between Rs.92 and Rs.95 to produce one kg of broiler. In this situation, the continuous increase in the purchase price (selling price) of the broiler farm has made the producers happy.

A kilo of chicken sells for Rs. 220 to Rs. 250 in retail outlets. The view of non-vegetarians is constantly turning to chicken as the price of chicken is lower than the price of mutton. The results of the urban local body elections in Tamil Nadu were announced yesterday.

Winning candidates are expected to feast on food items, including biryani, for parties, friends and relatives who support them in the constituency, which is expected to increase the demand for broilers and further increase the purchase price..

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