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The room where the electronic voting machines was sealed.

The room where the electronic voting machines was sealed.

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Pollachi municipality consists of 36 wards. There are 39,543 males, 42,777 females, and a total of 82,353, including 33 others. Similarly in Suleswaranpatti municipality …. there are wards.

There are 9468 males, 10095 females and a total of 19,504 including 1 other. Zaminuthukkuli municipality has a total population of 15,535 including 7441 males, 8191 females and 3 others. In this situation, the local government elections will be held on the 19th. In turn, the Election Commission is making arrangements for the election.

In this situation electronic voting machines have been brought to Pollachi Municipality, Suleswaranpatti and Zameenuthukkuli Municipalities to be used for voting. The room where the machines are kept has been sealed and heavy police security has been put in place.

Election officials said: -There are 89 polling stations in Pollachi municipality, 20 in Zameen Uthukkuli municipality and 22 in Sooleswaranpatti municipality. Electronic voting machines and control machines have been introduced for use in this situation. The machines are kept safe at the municipal and municipal offices.

The municipality has brought 107 electronic voting machines and 107 control machines in 11 boxes. Similarly, 27 electronic voting machines, 27 control machines, 24 electronic voting machines and 24 control machines have arrived in Suleswaranpatti.

The room will be sealed and opened in the presence of the candidates during the process of fitting the symbols. Thus they said.

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