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The Social Media – the weapon against corruption…

By on 8th November 2016 0 188 Views

Coimbatore railway junction

It was with a  bit of surprise and also a daring way the video was shot, for all you know the licensees are in for a long haul and you dont want to antogonise them for just Rs.10/-. That would have been the thought when we dont ask questions and take it easy.

But Shankar Khandelwal would have none of it. He meant business when he shot the viral video questioning the contractor who was supposed to be customer friendly and helpful almost saying ‘Do what you want, nothing is gonna happen to me;’ with his physical stance on the video.

The worst part, quite revealing was no body is around to help Khandelwal as usual when he is shooting the video. Perhaps this carelessness is what people utilise to hoodwink us. We are always in a hurry you see, even when the contractor is happily charging 100% extra.

Watch this viral video here..

This had its effect with Railways taking cognisance of the fact and evicting the contractor as you can read from this Times of India report here.

The report says the parking lot is now uinder the control of Southern Railway station.

Btw the viral video has been shared about 5 lakh times as we write this report.