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The special officers inspect Coimbatore for Corona surveillance… !!!

The special officers inspect Coimbatore for Corona surveillance… !!!

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The government has intensified precautionary measures to control the corona epidemic in Tamil Nadu. The number of cases in the Coimbatore district has been on the rise for the past few days.

Corona was confirmed for 390 people in a single day yesterday. In this situation, the Coimbatore district administration and the corporation have intensified precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

About 4000 people are being tested daily on behalf of the Coimbatore Corporation. Special teams and medical teams have been set up to monitor those who are isolated in their homes and those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus and are being treated in a hospital.

In that regard, 100 special officers have been appointed in 100 wards to transform Coimbatore into a disease-free corporation. Similarly, 33 special officers have been appointed in 33 municipalities and 7 special officers in 7 municipalities in the district.

Various measures are being taken on behalf of the Coimbatore Corporation to control the corona. Are corporation health workers doing house-to-house inspections, providing necessary assistance, and assisting people affected by the epidemic? As we review daily.

We will monitor whether the Powers who are infected and want to go to the hospital go in the Government Arrow Lance or anything in the vehicle alone. As the number of wards and the number of infected people in need of assistance increases, we have been working to inform the higher authorities accordingly, prepare a daily report and submit it to the Corporation. Thus he said.

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