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The student was killed after consuming a poisoned carrot

The student was killed after consuming a poisoned carrot

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Devasithu (age 55), a resident of Senguttaipalaiyam near Negamam, is driving an auto in Chennai. His wife is Crazy Amma (52). They had Enema Jacqueline (19) and Franklin (16).

In this Enema, Jacqueline was studying B.Com 3rd year. Crazy’s mother runs a grocery store in Redwood. Their house is at the back of the store.

In this situation, Enema Jacqueline, who was at home on the 31st, asked her mother to cook something she was hungry and she says cook and eat noodles.

Enema Jacqueline then took a packet of noodles from the store and was cooking it. For this he took home 3 carrots. He took a carrot and ate it.

The carrot was poisoned to control the rat infestation and Gracie’s mother, shocked that Enema Jacqueline had eaten it without realizing it, rushed her daughter to the Pollachi Government Hospital. There he was treated.

He was later rushed to Coimbatore Government Hospital for further treatment. There he was given intensive treatment by doctors. Enema Jacqueline died tragically despite treatment failure.

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Negombo police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. The death of a college student who unknowingly ate a carrot that had been rubbed with poison to control rat infestation has caused the tragedy in the area.

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