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The summer started early in Valparai

The summer started early in Valparai

Summer, Valparai

In the hilly Valparai, the southwest monsoon ends in the 2nd week of October and the northeast monsoon begins in the last week of the same month.

This rain will last till November. But this year lasted until the end of December. Due to this, the Cholayar Dam in Valparai and other dams overflowed. Rivers and streams including the Koozhangal river, Karumalai river, Pachaimalai river, Chinnakallar river, Solai Yaar Sungam river, banana plantation were flooded.

Due to this, it was found to be a green mosaic. In Valparai, summer usually starts at the end of March. But summer has already begun this year. The sun shines during the day. Also in water bodies, the water looks like dry puddles. The Karumalai, Pachaimalai, Koozhangal and Chinnakallar rivers, which supply water to the Solaiyar Dam, are particularly dry and stagnant.

Due to the drought, the fields didn’t produce much produce this year. This is affecting tea production. Commenting on this, social activists said: – The summer in Valparai usually starts at the end of March. But due to climate change this year the advance is starting in the first week of this month.

The heat is usually recorded at 50 degrees to 60 degrees. But yesterday it was 77 degrees. Yet Weil’s impact is likely to increase. Tourist arrivals in Valparai have been declining due to high sunshine.

Wildlife is starting to leave the forest as the water in the water bodies in the forest dries up. Foresters should therefore intensify night-time surveillance. Thus they said.

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