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The task of surveying waterfowl in Aanaimalai

The task of surveying waterfowl in Aanaimalai

waterfowl, Anaimalai

A total of 11 water bodies in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve were identified and waterfowl surveys were carried out under the direction of Ramasubramaniam, Field Director, Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, Coimbatore and Ganesan, Deputy Field Director, Coimbatore.

The survey work was carried out under the leadership of Vanascaragar Manikandan from 6.00 am at the catchment areas of two dams at Upparazhiyar and Kadampara in the Valparai forest area and at the Cholayaru dam and Nirar dam in the Manampally forest area.

The waterfowl survey was conducted for the first time in the water bodies of the Valparai area. Birds were surveyed, including the black-tailed deer, the small-bodied salt squirrel, the squirrel, the squirrel, and the large squirrel.

In the presence of forest ranger Thirunavukarasu, forest rangers Shankar, Chinnaramar, forest ranger Nagarajamoorthy, anti-poaching guards Aravind and Naveen Kumar along with 2 volunteers were engaged in the survey of waterfowl in the Manampally forest area..

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