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The Tunnel at 2 places to prevent train collisions killing elephants

The Tunnel at 2 places to prevent train collisions killing elephants

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The study team has submitted a report to the Central Government that a tunnel should be constructed at 2 places to prevent the death of elephants in the train collision between Madukkarai-Walaiyar.

The railway line runs through the forest from Madukkarai near Coimbatore to Valaiyar in the state of Kerala. Wild elephants are frequently killed in train collisions while crossing the tracks as wild elephants roam the area.

The National Green Tribunal has ordered the federal government to set up a study group and submit a report to prevent this. Following this, a team headed by Harikumar, a retired Chief Forest Officer from Kerala, inspected and submitted a report to the Central Government.

The report was received by Pandya Raja, a social activist from Pavoorchatram, Tenkasi district, under the Right to Information Act. It says: –

From Adukkarai to Kerala 2 Railroad tracks A and B pass through the forest. There have been 19 accidents here in the last 20 years and 26 elephants have died. About 90 percent of these accidents happen at night. Engine drivers have seen elephants stand on the tracks 395 times in the last 12 years.

Various ideas have been suggested, such as cutting down vines on either side of the track, setting up a 50-foot-wide ramp, paving the way for elephants to pass through, setting up tunnels at 2 locations, and running more trains on the A-line as accidents occur on the B line.

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