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The Water is wasted by drained near Udumalai

The Water is wasted by drained near Udumalai

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About 3 lakhs 77 thousand acres of land in Tirupur, Coimbatore districts in the pedestrian-departed irrigation (PAP). These irrigation areas are divided into 4 zones. The water for the first zone irrigation is opened from the next Thirumarthy Dam.

Currently, the Boulege of Black is 3rd round water in the canal. This water has to go to irrigators through the branches. By this, farming is seriously going. In the Kathapatalia next to Uduria, the branch goes across the road to Vanasupatti. The two sides of the road will be like the tank in the branch.

The water in the branches will fall into the tub on the bottom of the road and the bottom of the road is passed through the pipe. In the side of the branch on the side, the top of the concrete shore, the largest stones of the concrete shore.

It goes through the water and the road to the road, the road to the road. Thus water for irrigation. Farmers and civilians are expecting public service officials to take measures to the branch of the branches and take measures to water.

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