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The wonderful result of the Covishield-Covaxin cocktail!

The wonderful result of the Covishield-Covaxin cocktail!

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Corona infections are on the rise again in the country. Considering the increasing speed of the epidemic, AIG Hospital in Hyderabad has made a startling test. This use is associated with a combination of covaxin and covishield vaccine. Experts involved in this experiment say that this cocktail vaccine is very effective against corona.

A study conducted at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad found that the mix & match method produces 4 times more antibodies using the single dose of Covaxin and Covishield vaccines each. As a precautionary measure starting January 10, the hospital’s experts have suggested that a mixed vaccine may be more effective against the infection.

He said the study results would be handed over to the ICMR. The hospital said 44 people participated in the study. All of these were divided into 4 groups, with 11 people in each group. In the first group, all 11 were given two doses of covaxin, in the second two doses of covishield, and in the third group the first dose of covaxin and the second cochlear.

In the fourth group, the first dose of Covishield and the second dose of Covaxin were given. These 44 people from each group followed for 60 days. In a study conducted by AIG Hospital in Hyderabad, it was found that the antibodies against Govt were 4 times higher in those who received mixed doses than in those who received two doses of the same vaccine.

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