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There is an attempt to cause riots in Coimbatore: Former minister SP Velumani

There is an attempt to cause riots in Coimbatore: Former minister SP Velumani

Former minister

Led by former minister SB Velumani, the MLAs met PRG Arunkumar, Amman Arjunan, Coimbatore Collector Sameeran and the Municipal Police Commissioner and submitted the petition. Former minister SB Velumani then gave an interview to reporters. Then he said: –

Urban local government elections are underway in Coimbatore district. DMK members are trying to turn Coimbatore district into a riot ground. They are bringing in rowdies from Chennai, Karur and outlying states to campaign in support of the DMK and engage in illegal activities.

Some have been released from prison for this. They attacked the public and other parties last night. Some of them are being treated at the hospital. They have brought 150 containers of gift items to Coimbatore. This is obviously being offered to voters in many places.

Eight people, including party spokesperson Kalyana Sundaram, have been seated on the ground and intimidated by the police after they lodged a complaint against persons involved in distributing gifts and cash to voters through the above-mentioned foreign rowdies in the 90th ward of Coimbatore Corporation.

The situation in Coimbatore is tense and unusual due to the activities of Karur, Chennai and outstation rowdies who are currently supporting the DMK in Coimbatore. The DMK is engaging in such heinous acts out of fear of electoral defeat. The police, who are supposed to control it, are working in support of the DMK.

Therefore, action should be taken to arrest the rowdies staying in Coimbatore and expel the DMK from other districts. Action should also be taken against the police who harassed the AIADMK. Thus he said.

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