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Think like a Marketer! says Pravin Shekar at TiE

Think like a Marketer! says Pravin Shekar at TiE


In a lively and a engaging session with the Start-up world, students and working professionals at the PSG Institute of Management Alumni Hall, Mr. Pravin Shekar, extolled people to think like a Marketer because that is the most important trait that the start-ups need. And Guerilla Marketing tactics can be lethal force to reckon with creative and classic execution. Unconventional ways of marketing will help the company save on cost and most importantly land customers in tow. Word of Mouth is underrated is what he conveyed.

Peppered with live example in his inimitable style Mr. Pravin Shekar, the CEO of KASE and an angel and social investor  drove home the point of taking that extra mile in being prudent and do whatever it takes. Some of the examples made a connect with day to day common sense approach to solving marketing issues.

SMEs and Start-ups will do well to take to Guerilla tactics that is very less expensive and more ROI driven. He also asked the audience to be driven by metrics. That which cannot be measured is not at all an activity. And there is this widespread idea that action is all that is needed, but we need to see the outcome and that alone will define the action as whether its is needed in the first place or not.

He gave some examples of one Car Service guy who was an attendant going to be jobless after a petrol bunk closed where he was working and how he knew what to offer as value add and today after almost two decades, does only Mercedes Benz and BMWs for service.

Another example of Flush out Ideas with a commode in the registration area of a start-up conference for a Ideating and validation start-up also made the audience see value in how they will have to change tactics and be on top of mind and most importantly they will have to end up with customer at a least acquisition cost.

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A personal example of the brand Ramraj and the shop manager going the extra mile of stitching his shirts even though Ramraj did not have any stitching facility attached to the shop, had endeared the speaker to the brand and today that has become his go to shopping agenda when he is in Coimbatore or while travelling along this route.

An interesting session, we do hope the startups will execute some of the ideas that were shared in their own right, since each one of them will have different challenges… All in all a great session and the audience were really happy with the outcome.

The programme was organised by TiE Coimbatore as a part of their Scaling up Series. Mr. G Karthikeyan, the President of TiE Coimbatore welcomed the gathering and Ms.Rakhi Shah was the Event Chair and proposed the vote of thanks.

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