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This year’s IPL abroad..! UAE is not in Plan B..!

This year’s IPL abroad..! UAE is not in Plan B..!

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Last year’s IPL matches were held in two parts amid the Corona threat. The first half of IPL matches were played in India without fans. Back then, IPL matches were temporarily postponed due to corona infection in many players and later held in the United Arab Emirates.

In this context, it is questionable whether this year’s IPL matches will be held in India. The 3rd wave coronavirus is spreading fast across the country. Various states have imposed strict restrictions as the daily impact has crossed 2 lakh.

Thus, the biggest challenge this year’s IPL matches will be to run safely amid the corona threat. The BCCI, which had suggested holding the IPL matches in Mumbai only, is now reportedly considering holding them abroad.

It has been reported that the IPL matches are being held in Sri Lanka or South Africa this year, as they were held in the United Arab Emirates last year. The BCCI also has some issues with running in South Africa. There is a 3.30-hour gap between India and South Africa.

If held there the first ball would have to be bowled at 4 p.m. considering that this could be a problem for the broadcasting companies, the BCCI is seriously considering the exact location.

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