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Thousands of devotees descended on Kundam to pay their respects

Thousands of devotees descended on Kundam to pay their respects


Masaniyamman, who is the guardian deity of the Kongu country, has been blessing the devotees in their sleeping position at Anaimalai Upparankarai. The Masaniyamman Temple, the guardian deity of women, attracts a large number of devotees not only from Tamil Nadu but also from other states.

The annual Gundam Festival is held here. This year’s Gundam Festival started with the flag hoisting on the 1st of last month at Thai Ama. Special decoration and anointing pujas were held daily for Masaniyamman.

The main event of the festival, the Mayana Puja, was held at the cemetery at Azhiyarangara on the 14th at midnight. Thousands of devotees attended the event and worshiped the Goddess. Later on the 15th Shakti Kumbasthapanam program and a bracelet tying ceremony for the fasting devotees, Mahapooja etc. were held with the handcuffs brought in Mayana Puja.

The 40 feet long and 12 feet wide Kundam construction program was held at the Kundam ground on the Pollachi-Sethumadai road at 11 am the day before yesterday. Following this, at 7 pm, the adorned goddess awoke in Chitradhar. The chariot continued on its way, passing through the main streets and arriving at Gundam Ground at 9 pm.

At 10 pm, a kundam flower was raised with a fireworks hand to play the snare drum. The main event of the festival was the Gundam Landing of Devotees held yesterday. In turn the priests, the priests, the benefactors, the fasting devotees with the scepter and the pooja items, the coffin of Agni in the jeweled box went to Upparangarai.

Later, they performed a special puja at the holy bath and brought a garland of flowers to the place where the kundam was held. At 9.30 am in Kundam, a flower ball made of jasmine flower was rolled by Goddess Arulali Kuppusamy. The flower remained intact. Following this the Chief Complainant Manokaran rolled the lemon.

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Following this the Gundam landing show was launched. First Chief Justice Manokaran, Goddess Arun and Kuppusamy landed. Following this, more than a thousand devotees descended on Kundam and paid their dues. Top police officials and police also stepped on the fire..

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