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Three houses fired in the Tea Garden Workers’ apartment

Three houses fired in the Tea Garden Workers’ apartment

Tea Garden Workers

3 houses were burnt in the tea garden workers’ apartment. Included jewelry, money and certificates.

The vertical estate is on the way to the Monkey Estate area from Valparai. Here are the apartments of tea plantation workers. This residence saw smoke from the top of the house of Kindhammad. The neighborhood immediately ran there.

The fire was grabbed and burned away. This fire spread to other houses. Thus workers were unaware of it. Furthermore, the attack on the Waypany Fire Station Officer Tangaraj was headed by Water and was involved in the fire.

In this fire, Kindhathiyam, Sivakami and Jadivel were burnt and burnt. As well as all the ingredients, including jewelry, money, school certificates, fabrics, bank books and household products in their homes.

The information about this information and the authorities have rushed to the incident and made the necessary assistance to workers. He also said that the action will be taken in the fire certificate and other documents.

The affected workers have been doing assistance, including alternative housing for the estate management. The reason for fire accident is unknown. The investigation is being conducted.

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