16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

TikTok tilts Google globally

By Team YourCoimbatore on 28th December 2021
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The Google search engine, owned by Alphabet, is widely used worldwide. This website has been the main source of information for the people. However, according to a study by Cloudflare, a leading IT security company in the United States, Google (GOOGLE) is the 2nd most visited website in the world by 2021. Surprisingly the TikTok website ranks first.

TIKTOK, a short video processor, was launched in 2016 by Pythons, a Chinese company. This processor, which was also used in India, has undergone tremendous development.

The processor, which was banned after China’s border encroachment, began to become very popular in European countries. TalkTalk, which was ranked 8th in a survey by Cloudflare last year, has moved up to number one this year. It also tops the list of most downloaded apps by 2021.

Facebook, which used to be in 2nd place, has now been pushed to 3rd place. It is followed by companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Netflix respectively

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